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Feelings of great happiness and pleasure, especially of an elevated or spiritual nature.


Gratitude        Happy        Pleased        Accepting        Delight        Appreciative       


Opposite of Joy

Sadness        Longing        Angry        Without gratitude and appreciation       


Scripture:  For his anger endureth but a moment, in his favor is life, weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. :     Psalms 30:5

Scripture:  The joyfulness of man prolonged his life :     Ecclessiasites 30:22

Thought:  Deep within me there is a soft quiet place filled with the feeling of contentment with life, an ease with the reality of all things, and a peace with my place among them. Out of that place I can smile in the midst of sorrow, laugh in the midst of pain and leap with glee over the sight of a butterfly. :     Mary L Wade











Joy comes from and rests in the source of life, the creator. Joy helps to sustain life. It springs from hope and it feeds hope. To see everything that is natural as a thing of beauty and wonderment coming from the creator is to build the inner strength required to face life’s challenges with quiet peace and joy.     




Reprint from the Study Guide for Light and Healing-MLW 09/2009


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